Amazon Strategy

Starting with a deep analysis of your products to identify strength and differentiators followed by a complete Competition Analysis, we will build a detailed business plan based on market size and projection generated by our proprietary tools.
We will build a road map that will include: pricing strategy, marketing strategy and advertising strategy.

Amazon Management

From daily sales analysis to inventory planning combined with advertising campaign optimization, weezon will manage all aspects of your Amazon sales channel.

Amazon Logistic

With multiple years of logistical expertise we help you get your products in the USA, store your products in our facility and optimize the flow of inventory to Amazon to optimize availability and minimize fees.

Amazon Reporting

Reporting is the key to piloting your Amazon channel, combining Cost of Goods, Amazon Fees and Advertising to get a clear picture of your profitability and area of opportunities. Weezon will keep you informed thru an extensive suite of Reports and business Intelligence

Our Accelerator Process


Feasibility Study

We want to provide you all the key information so you can measure the potential success of your brand on Amazon


Business Plan

We will provide you with a detailed business plan, a road map so you can have a clear visibility on how we will get you to where you want to be.



Our team will apply our expertise in combination with the guidelines set in the business plan in order to start and grow your Amazon business.



You can’t pilot a plane without instruments. Amazon is the same and we will build a set of tools, reports and data analysis so you can pilot your Amazon business with precision.

Why Amazon?

E-Commerce Marketshare

  • $258 Billions Revenue in 2018
  • 49% Marketshare of US E-Commerce
  • 7% Marketshare of US Retail
  • 101 Million Prime Members
  • 2019 Prime Days generate more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined.

Some FAQ

Why should we get on Amazon

Beside the obvious economical opportunity that nobody can ignore today. Amazon is a product directory, if you want your brand to exist it needs to be on Amazon and it needs to be properly managed so you control your brand image.

Why should we give you the management of our Amazon account?

We are fare from the day where it was just about listing your products. Amazon requires a full time person or team depending of your company size. We will manage your account, content, customer interactions, advertising, inventory, shipping and reporting.

Now multiply these task for each country you will be selling on Amazon.

Finally like every aspect of your business it requires experts and Amazon is our only focus and we call ourselves Amazon experts.

Why are you an Accelerator

With our expertise we developed processes, analytical and mathematical tools that allow us to determine the best strategy and to implement it quickly.

how We Work with You?

1- You send us merchandise

2- We ship to Amazon

3- You Get Paid

Why Working with Weezon?


Our Expertise

With more than 5 years of expertise on Amazon Marketplace or Direct Vendor we are the perfect partner for your success on the most used E-Commerce platform.

Full Time Job

We know that being a manufacturer is a full time job. Let us focus on selling your product on Amazon while you focus on creating amazing products.


Cost Saving

Selling on Amazon requires dedicated resources these resources can become very costly. By using Weezon you have access to the Amazon experts without the payroll weight.


Turn Key

We manage all aspects of selling on Amazon, your only job is read the reports and recommandation and give us the direction you want to take.

Are You Ready to Sale on Amazon?

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