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About our Service

Why are you an accelerator?

With our expertise we developed processes, analytical and mathematical tools that allow us to determine the best strategy and to implement it quickly.

Why should we work with you?

We are fare from the day where it was just about listing your products. Amazon requires a full time person or team depending of your company size. We will manage your account, content, customer interactions, advertising, inventory, shipping and reporting.

Now multiply these task for each country you will be selling on Amazon.

Finally like every aspect of your business it requires experts and Amazon is our only focus and we call ourselves Amazon experts.

We have no operation in the US, can we still work with you?

That’s the main purpose of our company, we bring foreign brands to the USA by selling on Amazon. This is not only much more economical but also doesn’t require much effort from your current team. It’s a turn key solution

How do we follow the sells?

Our systems generate weekly reports and monthly reports. To these report we add recommendation and we follow up with you to adjust the strategy. Bottom line you pilot and we execute.

Do we need a warehouse?

No, we have warehouses in the USA and have partnership with logistical companies in Europe.
The only thing we need is you shipping your merchandise to a set location and we handle the rest.

About Amazon

Why should we get on Amazon?

Beside the obvious economical opportunity that nobody can ignore today. Amazon is a product directory, if you want your brand to exist it needs to be on Amazon and it needs to be properly managed so you control your brand image.

Do I have to ship to customer directly?

Amazon has a program called FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), you send your merchandise to one of their Fulfillment Center and they handle shipping to customer for you.

When do I get paid?

Amazon pay you every 14 days.

How do I get products known on Amazon?

On Amazon the more you sell, the more you sell. Once you start getting higher in the ranking because you sell people find your product faster when searching. But to start you need to advertise the same way Google AdWords works. You bid on keywords so your products show up at the top of the search results.

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